Membership Information

Members receive a membership roster and reduced training seminar rates.

Attached is the 2023 Dues Notice to renew your PLEAA membership.  This document allows you to type your information right on the form and then print it out.  Dues can be paid with a check, payable to PLEAA; or dues can be paid with a credit card by going to PLEAA’s web link on Chrimata:


To join or renew, please send your completed form to:

Paula Steelman
Corcoran Police Department
8200 County Road 116
Corcoran,  MN  55340

Attached is the Membership form:  PLEAA 2023 Dues Notice and a Chrimata Account Setup Guide.  For more information, contact: Paula Steelman at 763-400-7002 or by email at [email protected].